Frequently Asked Questions

WP Bids is a new concept for WordPress. Let us clarify...

What is WP Bids?

WP Bids is a specialized WordPress theme, which can be used to create stunning web-based project proposals. It’s perfect for freelancers and agencies who present bids to prospective clients to win their business.

How is WP Bids different than other WordPress themes?

WP Bids is intended to be used specifically for creating web-based proposals. The proposals you create can be presented to prospective clients. In other words, while other WordPress themes are typically meant for presenting content for the world to see, WP Bids is intended to be used as specialized communication tool between you and your prospective clients.

About using WordPress for proposals.

It’s probably best to use a dedicated WordPress installation solely for creating proposals with WP Bids. You can install WordPress in it’s own sub-domain or folder on your site. For example, if your main website is, you might want to have your WP Bids WordPress installation reside at or (the folder name is up to you).

Contact your web hosting provider if you need assistance with setting up a sub-domain.

It’s perfectly fine to have two separate installations of WordPress, one for your main site and one for proposals.

How are proposals created?

WP Bids utilizes a new feature in WordPress 3.0 called “Custom Post Types”. Upon activation of the theme, you will see a new menu item called “Proposals”. Simply create a new “Proposal” just as you would create a post or page in WordPress. Add text, sub-section headers, images, tables, lists, and videos. The theme takes care of all of the formatting for you.

Can I create a re-usable proposal template?

Yes! One of coolest features of WP Bids is the ability to set one existing proposal as a template. Once set, every time you create a new proposal, the content will be pre-populated with everything from your template. Then its just a matter of tweaking a few things and another winning proposal is ready to go. Quick & easy!

What about the home page?

The home page serves as a listing of all proposals you have created. This list is sortable by title, client name, and date. It also includes a handy text box, auto-highlighted when clicked, which makes it super easy to copy each proposal URL for you to paste in an email to your client.

What about privacy concerns? How do I limit access to my proposals?

With WP Bids, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your proposals can be seen by the intended clients and hidden from others:

1) Password-protect proposals. When creating a proposal, simply use the built-in WordPress password-protection feature to set a password to access this proposal. Give your client the password and no one else. When the proposal is password protected, all of the necessary information is hidden until a valid password is entered.

2) Protect your home page. The home page contains a list of all your proposals. You probably want to make this page accessible by you (the admin) and nobody else. Simple. First, set your home page to “Protected”. This ensures that only a logged-in administrator can access the home page. Then, in the WP Bids theme options, you can set a URL for others to be redirected to if they attempt to access your home page. Clever, huh?

3) Block search engines. You may not want your proposals to be indexed and searchable by Google. WordPress offers the ability to block search engines. It might be a good idea to switch this setting on.

Can my clients print a paper copy of my proposal?

Yes. Built into every proposal is a “Print” button, which automatically launches the print menu from the browser. WP Bids has been tested and optimized for printing. That means printed proposals have clean formatting which presents all information in a legible manor while saving printer ink.

How about viewing proposals on mobile devices like the iPhone?

That’s included too! Proposals are fully optimized for viewing on the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. That means the layout is modified and re-formatted for the smaller screen making it super-easy for your clients to review when they’re on the go. The mobile version displays automatically when viewed on a mobile device.

What is included with my WP Bids purchase?

Your WP Bids purchase includes the following: The fully functional WP Bids WordPress theme (with 4 built-in color schemes, print and mobile versions built-in), the layered Photoshop PSD file, detailed documentation (PDF), lifetime access to the customer support forums, lifetime access to theme updates, and license to use the theme on as many websites as you want.

What type of customer support do you offer?

Customer support is offered via the customer support forums on (the parent company of WP Bids). With your purchase of WP Bids, you will gain access to browse and post support questions to the forums. For more info, visit the Support page.

What is ThemeJam?

ThemeJam is the parent company of WP Bids. You can find a wide catalog of WordPress themes available from ThemeJam. WP Bids is a specialized product from ThemeJam, which comes with the same customer support, pricing and included items as the rest of the ThemeJam product line. Follow @ThemeJam for the latest updates.

Who created WP Bids?

Brian Casel is the creator of WP Bids, and owner/operator of ThemeJam WordPress themes. He also runs CasJam Media, a custom web design shop based just outside New York City. You can follow Brian on his personal blog at and on Twitter @CasJam.

How do I ask other pre-sales questions?

For pre-sales questions, email Brian at

If you’re an existing customer and have a customer support question, please do not ask these via email. Post your customer support questions to the support forum.